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Help your prospects see what you offer through another clients eyes with testimonial videos.

SEE Inc has been a client since early 2020. Their goal as a safety training company is to get more potential construction related businesses to know about the classes they offer, how they can benefit, and where/how to take them. With testimonials from industry professionals we are able to let the potential value of SEE Inc and what they offer shine through!

COSS® is a training program designed by safety professionals for the entry level person, or for the experienced safety person who needs a refresher on safety. Its main objective is to equip employees who have safety and health responsibilities, with the core competencies they must master to be successful in occupational safety and health. The COSS® Program provides students with focused and relevant content that is enforced with concentrated learning activities. Unlike other safety designations, where there is no training involved, the curriculum-based format of the COSS® Program involves hands-on, in-class, instructor-led training. Students testify to the value of the training they receive; instead of simply “testing into the designation”, they feel like they worked hard to earn it. Learn More about COSS Training here. SEE, Inc. has added the COSS training to its internal core training for all safety staff. If your job is dealing with safety or HR in any way, this class is for you. This is a one week intensive training class to make you a better safety person or give you a strong start in safety. Each student will receive the student kit on the first day of class. The kit includes the following items: COSS Padfolio with pen and calculator COSS Copyrighted Student Workbook 29 CFR 1910 (General Industry) 29 CRF 1926 (Construction) COSS Student Textbook, Fundamentals of Occupational Safety and Health COSS Embroidered Saddlebag Each graduating student receives a COSS certificate mounted on a wooden plaque Cost: SEE, Inc. Clients: $1,799 Non-SEE, Inc. Clients: $1,899 Lets go through my thinking process when I was asked if I should take the COSS class. I have been doing this for many years and I teach the 100 hour CSST class. What is a 40 hour class going to teach me? Answer is PLENTY! “I wish I had this class when I started in safety in the late 90’s. I have had people that have been in the safety industry from a few weeks to one gentleman that had been in safety for almost 40 years. This class teaches everyone at least something. I had one student describe it to me during a class on a Tuesday it was like taking a drink from a fire hose of information, and by Thursday he said he was impressed at how confident he felt in knowing the information. This is much more than another safety credential this is an actual class that teaches a lot about the industry that you don’t learn in any other class I have ever been in. The training taught me new ways to attack issues, it also taught me to be a much better safety professional. I can tell you here at SEE, Inc. we believe in it so much we have added it into our required curriculum for all of our new hires in the field. It has taken our entire staff up a few levels and clients really see the difference. It’s not just about what OSHA says, it answers a lot of the why and how questions. I have checked back with students and gotten great success stories Some where just given safety as one of their responsibilities, some were HR directors, and some were seasoned safety veterans that all said they took what they learned back and applied this skills to their jobs and got great responses.” Matt Murphy, President SEE Inc. STUDENT TESTIMONIALS: “I had been in a construction safety position for 15 years before taking the COSS class; this class took my knowledge of safety to a whole different level. I recommend this class for the entry level safety person all the way up to the most seasoned safety professional.” Richard Ennis, Ennis Electric Company, Inc. “The COSS class was an excellent course in the sense that after over 10 years in the safety business I learned many new things. Matt Murphy is an excellent instructor as he guides you through the compliance moments as if you were in a real life scenario. I would recommend the COSS class to any seasoned or aspiring safety professional” Bill Drexel, Scaffold Resources “You can teach an old dog new tricks! Taking the COSS class was a great refresher. I was able to walk away with a vision of where I need to take our Safety program, and how to better deal with our employees.” C. T. Butler, Director of Human Resources And Safety Management S.W. Rodgers “COSS was by far the most intense safety course I’ve ever taken! The course materials were very comprehensive and I have referred back to them many times since the course. My instructor Matt Murphy was excellent and very knowledgeable and he presented the information in a way that made it enjoyable and easier to learn and understand. It was awesome to gain such a large amount of knowledge in a short period of time. It gave me such a feeling of accomplishment to earn my COSS certificate and as a result I feel more confident and knowledgeable in my position. I would highly recommend this course to all safety professionals!!” Lisa Fox, COSS Certified Occupational Safety Specialist Payroll/Accounting Specialist

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